May the odds be in your favor

Lotteree is a non-profit, blockchain-based lottery with no middleman.

Best equity

No participation fees. Winning odds and participation price are perfectly proportional.


Open source drawing algorithm to ensure a 100% random and fair drawing of the winners.

Fast payouts

Instant and anonymous payouts in cryptocurrency on your personal wallet.


Join themovement

We wanted to create a cryptocurrency with real life use. Our goal is to create value as fast as possible which isn’t the case for most cryptocurrencies. To do so, we aim to launch a functional drawing platform and only then, scale it to become one of the biggest lotteries in the world.

Rewardingearly adopters

It is important for us to reward early adopters for trusting us and believing in our project. We’ve organized the first selling orders at different price points so that the earlier you join our vision, the more you get rewarded.

Return on investment

Anyone investing in LOTR will see his investment grow, not only due to the excessive speculation we currently have in the cryptomarkets, but also due to the actual demand to participate in the Lotteree drawings.


Let’s face it: playing the lottery isn’t profitable. Statistics show that on a 3$ ticket, 2$ end up as commission fee for the reseller and the organizer, leaving only 1$ for the price-pool. Basically, you are spending 3$ to win a jackpot that should be 3x bigger.


We at Lotteree are working on creating a blockchain-based lottery with no resellers and no participation fee, making the equity of participating in a drawing 1/1.

Our vision

Here’s our roadmap for this year so you can keep track of the different milestones we’ve set for our project. 



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