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The Genesis

As I was talking with Daniela, one of the staff member of my food delivery business (much like Uber, but a million times smaller), I saw in the newspaper that someone had just won the Swiss lottery. « What a lucky guy » were my first thoughts, as I heard Daniela saying that the odds weren’t that small. She couldn’t be more wrong.

So I went on to explain that the lottery has a poor equity ; one out of three swiss francs only, ends up in the prize-pool ! Between commissions fees, margin of benefits and salaries, there isn’t much left for the drawing.This isn’t even shocking to me, actually. After all, the booths which sell the tickets also need to make a living ? That’s the perfect example of what a middleman is.

A light went on in my head : the middleman is a core principle of the blockchain ! Daniela kept talking to me as I passively nodded, already visualising how to create this new project : « with so many crypto scams out there, who’s the most honest person to rely on for this new journey ? » And the rest is history.


Alex Carven

After creating his first business while attending high-school, Alex has tried many different sectors, from finances and real estate to online food ordering. He currently runs an app and website called Gstaad Delivery (


David Dafflon

As well as being a fresh graduated lawyer, David is also a passionated self-taught musician and a web-designer. He’s now running a web-design agency as a cofounder (